The Pilsner Glass and European Pilsner

Mama's Little Yella Pils in a Pilsner Glass
A Conical Pilsner Glass

Like the tulip glass, the pilsner glass comes in a variety of different shapes.  A basic pilsner glass typically has a narrow base with sides that flare outward.  Some versions of this glass look like an elongated tulip pint.  Others are more cone shaped.  Some are also very similar to a wheat beer glass.

A stemmed version of the pilsner glass is also known as a European pilsner.  European pilsner glasses typically have a short stubby stem which blends seamlessly with the glasses tapered walls.  They can resemble stretched out versions of tulip pints, willi bechers or fluted glasses.

You may also see taller stemmed pokal glasses referred to as pilsner or lager glasses.  I’ve included several pictures below for comparison.

Pilsner glasses can be 12 to 16 ounces depending on the style.  Bigger glasses exist but tend to overlap into the Wheat Beer Glass category.

Benefits of The Pilsner Glass

With it’s tall narrow body the pilsner glass behaves a lot like the stange.  It’s shape showcases a beer’s clarity while it’s top narrows the surface area helping with head retention.  Because pilsners are crisp and bright beers this helps with delivering some of the beer’s more delicate aromas.

What Beer Goes in a Pilsner Glass?

As the name implies, this glass is ideal for beers of the pilsner style.  This includes most pale lagers.

Because the glass is so similar to the stange and fluted glassware it can also be used for for  kölsch-style beers or even lambics. I also sometimes use my pilsner glasses for 12 ounce bottles of wheat beer.

The basic idea is that you’re looking for beers that share characteristics with the pilsner style.  That includes beers with clear pale colored bodies, medium to sparkling bright carbonation, and a crisp bubbly head.

Where can I get Pilsner Glasses?

Libbey has a four-pack of “Classic Pilsner” glasses for around $14 on Amazon. They’re 15 ounce glasses making them a bit big for your standard bottle of beer but they’re high quality glasses.  The same glass is also available in the Libbey Craft Brew Sampler Glass Set we’ve already reviewed.

Libbey also offers what they call a “Midtown” Pilsner in the same price range. These glasses are more like a narrow version of a wheat beer glass.

The quintessential pilsner is probably Pilsner Urquell.  They offer a couple different types of branded glassware including a stemmed pokal glass and a tulip-flute style pilsner glass.  Both of these also make great additions to your beer glass collection.


The Nonic Pint Glass or English Pub Glass

Nonic Pint Glass
Nonic Pint Glasses on Amazon

The nonic Pint Glass is also known as a Nonik Pint Glass or English Pub Glass.  This glass is a staple in most breweries and pubs and sometimes turns up in restaurants with large beer selections.

Similar to the traditional pint glass the nonic pint has a narrow base which expands out to a wider mouth.  It’s defining feature is a bulge a few centimeters from the top of the glass.

Benefits of a nonic Pint Glass

Nonic Pint glasses are a general utility glass and will find a home in just about any bar setup or beer glass cabinet. Their wide mouths and bodies also make for easy drinking of most session beers

Typically these are 20 oz glasses so they’re especially good for larger bottles of beer, growlers, or kegs.  The nonic pint also just looks like a better pint glass helping to add a little style to your setup.

Other Notes / What’s with the Bulge?

Nonic or “no-nick” glasses have greater structural stability than their straight sided predecessors.  That bulge in the upper portion of the glass makes it less likely to chip or break when it’s stacked on other glasses.  This stacking method of storing glassware is very common behind bars and in storage areas.

What Beer Goes with a nonic Pint Glass?

Like the conical pint, the nonic is basically a utility glass.  You can enjoy just about any ale or lager from this glass.  Because these glasses tend to be higher volume vessels (typically 20 oz) I recommend sticking to ales, though.

Specifically you’ll be looking at lower alcohol beers that you enjoy drinking a lot of.  Think session beers that have a mild flavor profile.

Where Can I Buy Nonic Pint Glasses / English Pub Glasses?

This glass turns up frequently as an English pub glass in sets like the Libbey Craft Brew Sampler Beer Glass Set that we’ve reviewed previously.  They’re also pretty common on their own in sets like this one from Amazon.

Other than that you should be able to find these in most box stores like Target, Walmart or even Home Goods.

You can expect to pay between $7 and $10 per glass.