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My Beer Journey

Like  most people my beer journey started with an American Classic – Corona.  Maybe not the Classic you were thinking of?

I was in college, at a bar that doesn’t exist anymore, and my friend’s sister handed me a beer with a lime wedge sticking out of it.

I remember thinking that it tasted like lime but that was about it.  After that drinking beer was just a social thing.  We drank Budweiser, Red Dog, “Natty Ice,” Coors Light… basically anything cheap and easy to get.

Three years later, when I was actually 21, my friend’s brought me to The Gaslight Brewery and Restaurant in South Orange, New Jersey.  They introduced  me to new beer styles, all sorts of great food, and gave me my first experience with specialty beer glasses.  Since then, finding and trying all sorts of different food and beers has been a passion of mine.

Now I’m back in Massachusetts.  I’m lucky to be surrounded by several great liquor stores and breweries and I’ve got every opportunity to try something new on a weekly basis.

My years at the Gaslight, plus my years of trying different beers, visiting different breweries, and buying various gift sets have resulted in a relatively diverse selection of beer glasses.  I’m not talking branded pints… I’m talking glassware of various shapes and sizes.

About Which Beer Glass

For me it started with beers like Hoegaarden and Stella Artois.  They didn’t come in a pint glass.  This special glass supposedly enhanced the experience!

Over time, through various promotions and gift sets, I started to accrue some of these glasses.  I also started collecting gift sets and specialty glasses as they crossed my path.

whichbeerglass.com is dedicated to looking at the various styles of beer and the various glasses that go with them.

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