Cold Harbor Bilbo’s Brown Ale

Cold Harbor Bilbo Brown Ale in a Pint Glass
Bilbo’s Brown Ale in a Pint Glass

Hazy, dark brown with a head of fine ivory bubbles.  For a brown ale it’s a bit on the dark side reminding me more of a porter. I’m used to brighter, more clear browns so I’m a bit surprised by how hazy it is.

As it pours I’m getting smells of toasted oats, maybe some tobacco, and hints of black coffee.  When I go to take my first sip that tobacco is more up front.  This beer is dark and smoky and very inviting!

The taste complements the flavor and matches it pretty closely.  It’s slightly nutty but burnt tobacco and coffee flavors are the main attraction.  This beer is sweet and malty with a very mild hop finish.

Bilbo’s Brown is medium bodied with mild carbonation.  It’s soft and sweet with a slight hint of tangy-ness on the finish.  All-in-all this is a very pleasant and sessionable brown ale.

Other Specs

  • ABV: 4.8%
  • IBUs: 26
  • Poured from a 32 ounce growler on the same day purchased.

Why That Glass?

For a brown ale you can rely on either a seidel or a pint glass.  Browns are usually sweet and malty with very low ABVs.  As a result a pint or the seidel are ideal for serving.  I think you could also get away with a goblet.

More About This Brown Ale

There’s not much more to say about this brown ale. Cold Harbor doesn’t list many details regarding this beer’s availability or style on their site.  Next time I’ll have to get a picture of their board.