New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale

Fat Tire Amber Ale in a Pint Glass
Fat Tire Amber Ale

This amber ale has a clear copper / amber body with a head of dense white bubbles.  On the nose I’m getting a very mild hop character that plays second fiddle to sweeter smells like green apple and … maybe a little graham cracker.

Fat Tire is light bodied with mild carbonation and goes down very smooth.  Light, tingly carbonation fills out the mouthfeel and tickles a bit going down.

Mostly sweet and malty with a bit of biscuit-y tartness there’s only a mild hint of hops in the finish.  This is a well balanced beer that is easily session-able.

Why That Glass?

Amber ales (and red ales) which tend to be more balanced beers with even representation of both malt and hop flavors.  These beers are usually easy to drink and, with lower ABVs, can be enjoyed in larger quantities over longer periods of time.

That points us towards two glasses: either a pint glass or a seidel.

More About this Amber Ale

Fat Tire is the flagship brew of New Belgium Brewing in Fort Collins, Co.  Like Yeungling before it, it’s a beer that has a bit of a cult following.  It’s like Taylor Ham or Poutine in that its regional popularity makes it a kind of comfort food.

Now that distribution has reached Massachusetts I highly recommend going out and finding a six-pack or case to see what all the fuss is about.