Stone Enjoy by 02.14.17 Chocolate and Coffee IPA

Stone Enjoy by 02.14.17 Chocolate and Coffee IPA
Stone IPA in a Tulip Glass

This chocolate & coffee IPA pours dark amber with lots of particulate bits floating around.  It starts with about a half inch head that settles pretty thin.

The first thing I’m getting in the nose is a pretty basic citrus hop aroma but over time a mild hint of chocolate milk is noticeable.

First sip is a sledge hammer of black coffee flavor right to the face. Up front, strong and unmistakable. As the tasting progresses the coffee flavor gives way and a spicy, floral, hoppy flavor takes it’s place.

It’s mild bodied and not nearly as sticky as other sweeter IPAs.

At 9.4% ABV you’d expect a bit of an alcoholic bite but a bitter hoppy-ness and dry finish round out this beer’s finish.

Ultimately, I might recommend this for a mix-six addition just to give it a shot.  Not sure I’d go out of my way looking for it, though.

Why That Glass?

The last IPA we reviewed was the FAT BOY Double IPA for which we chose a nonic pint glass.  At the time I mentioned that there was a toss-up ultimately decided by how big the can was.

For this Chocolate & Coffee IPA we’re going with a tulip glass.  This is kind of my go to whenever I know a beer is going to have moderate to heavy carbonation and any sweet flavors (like chocolate.)

You could also very easily go with a snifter glass for this beer.

More About this Specialty American IPA

This beer is part of Stone Brewing Company‘s Enjoy By Series.  Chances are that this is a limited run that won’t see a future batch (totally a guess on my part here).

It’s available in six packs of 12 ounce bottles or as 20 ounce bombers.